ANTI CORROSION COATINGS-Acid Zinc, Alkaline Zinc, Zinc Alloy Systems,Trivalent Passivates & Top Coats.
DECORATIVE COATINGS-Copper, Nickle, Chrome, Gold & Silver Systems.
HARD CHROME SYSTEMS-We are industry leaders in hard chrome plating systems. Our systems are way superior in all respects. Be it efficiency, durability, wear resistance or cost.
PHOSPHATING CHEMICALS-Zn, Mn, Fe tricationic phosphating
SURFACE CONDITIONING CHEMICALS-Neutral cleaners, Chrome free passivations for Al.


‘‘Backed by a solid experience of over fifty years, we offer a wide range of plating plants and equipments – from conventional stand-alone units to fully automatic program controlled systems; Integrated with effluent treatment, waste water recovery and re-circulation procedures using IEX systems, VAM, HRU etc., which save Water, Power, Labor and Money Resources.
Be it for general Plating, Plating of printed circuit boards, Phosphating, Anodising, Continuous plating lines or Pre-treatment/Cleaning machines, our production programs can meet all your needs for surface treatment.’


PRO • pHx Acid Life Extender Restores Spent Acid And Extends The Acid Life Indefinitely.
Ronuk has tied up with PRO-pHx.Inc, USA
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Ronuk Has Started Designing And Manufacturing IEX System For Recovery Of Metals And Recirculation Of Water.
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