Plant accessories

Water saving and recycling system

We specially design in Ion Exchange Systems for:

• Copper Nickel Chrome Recovery and Recycling of Rinse Water 
• Precious Metal Recovery 
• Trivalent Chrome Passivation Purification Units 
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The entire spectrum of electroplating consumables

Consult our catalog and find the entire spectrum of electroplating consumables.


• Anode accessories (holders, baskets, linings, bags)
• Small electroplating devices (with/without workpiece baskets, plating drums, drum apparatuses, etc.)
• Centrifuges (drying centrifuges, spare parts)
• Electric accessories (bath heater, heating rods, floating switches, temperature sensors, etc.)
• Filter units (different type classes, spare parts, rotary pumps, filter cartridges, etc.)
• Oil strainers
• Diverse accessories (dosing devices and dosing pumps, barrel pumps, isolators, etc.)
• Electroplating/laboratory apparatus 

Ronuk supply power saving equipments

• Hot Water Generator 
• VAM – Vapour Absorption Machine 
• HRU – Heat Recovery Unit 
• Heat Chill Pump 
• Cool Rectifiers