ALU-PREP -B. – Special Duty Metal Cleaner for Aluminium

It is a soak cleaner. It is very effective in removing polishing compositions and their binders. It produces attractive semi matt light etch finish. Its major use is in cleaning intricate portion of an article, which cannot be reached by conventional polishing.


A Welded steel tank with M.S. Heaters and fume extractor. 


1. For cleaning and light etching

  1. Cleaner Salts – 25 gms./l
  2. Temperature – 70°C
  3. Immersion time – Depending upon the condition of the article

Fill in the tank to 2/3 of its capacity with water duly heated and add cleaner salts slowly along with stirring. Stir well to dissolve. Finally make up to volume and stir well to mix.

2. For frosting

Dissolve cleaner salts in water in the manner mentioned above.

  1. Cleaner Salts – 50 gms./ I
  2. Temperature – 70°C
  3. Immersion time – 20-30 seconds.

Articles need to be degreased before processing in this cleaner for frosting.
Post frosting treatment
After the required etch is produced -

  • Rinse very quickly to avoid secondary reactions of adhering alkali on the article.
  • A second running water rinse is beneficial.
  • Pass the rinsed articles through a Nitric Acid dip 30-50% VN solution in order to remove any discolouration of the article. 
  • Rinse the articles well after the Nitric Dip.
  • Swilled articles are either dried or put on anodising line or sent for further processing. 

  1. Heat the solution to 60°- 70°C’
  2. Immersion time can be up to ~ minutes depending upon the condition of the articles. 

Solutions are maintained after regular additions of Alu-prep-B Salts after analysis.